ROE(Return On Equity)

Better than Alphabet Inc (Google), Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway,, Johnson & Johnson... see link

The stable license business is strong under economic stress.

Gross Income

$820,000 (2019)
$1,283,000 (2020)
$1,661,000 (2021)
$2,024,000 (2022)

Inventory Value

$95,000 - $120,000
This value is always changed and different by seasons.

Cash Flow

$99,000 (2019)
$150,000 (2020)
$200,000 (2021)


Our youngest graduated high school. We may move to Japan, home country.

Working Manual

This made this business much easier.

Actual Cash Flow

See the spread sheet and ask more cash flow from the owner

See the google review!

We are making a web brand.

Google Review

Organization Chart

The owner is working 20 hours a week
taking long vacations! Keep a good manager!


Currently, there are the owner, a manager, two full-time workers and two part-time workers.
These pirates are responsible for ordering and receiving products.

POS system

All Workflow in One

Vintage Keyboard

The net work allows remote contorol this store from home.

Weekly Job

  • Order: Wednesday
  • Inventory Receiving: Thursday
  • Input new inventories into POS
  • Physical Inventory Counting
  • Cash count/banking Twice a week
  • Payroll Bi-weekly

Annual Job

  • Pay Bonus
  • Tax Return


Theme of Pirates


store image Dimension: 1104 sqf store image store image store image store image store image 2014 store image 10/25/2020

This Business is very strong against COVID-19

The sales has been raised after the pandemic. Liquor store is one of the most stable businesses in the world.


See Liquor License, Tobacco License, and Business License. And to top it off, we have a good reputation.


All questions are welcome.

Have this store for your successful life.

Runing a license business is so easy. It will be good for your retirement with some income.

Rather than buying an ordinary company at a very attractive price, it would be many times better to buy a very attractive company at a normal price.